Happy Snow Day! Well, if you are living in the north east it is a snow day for most.   Woke up to snow covered grills, which is not what I like to see, primarily because it would require me to shove to get to them.

I am several cups of coffee into the morning & started thinking about a few new things to try to cook, as well as planned out my menu for the weekend. One of the things that I did a few months ago was buy the boys, (I have twins) dry erase boards to draw on. Well, that didn’t last long, so they have turned into my menu planning. I really need something larger than 2 8×11 boards, but for today, they work. Normally, I use 1 board for the current weeks menus, as well planning for the next, but last night I used the 2nd board to map out a recipe that I’ve wanted to try, Bananas Foster.

I’ll post the photo later of the boards, as well as more of an overview of the recipes and menu items, but I’m getting to a place where I need to try some things and styles of cooking.  Yes, this blog will still be about grilling (I’m probably getting my 4th grill in a few weeks) and beer, but the two go hand in hand. But I want to try some new recipes out and these are in no particular order or heck even when I’m going to make them:

  • Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad (This is on the upcoming menu).
  • Banana Pudding – Being from the south, this is a must, but I am thinking about some twists for this one.
  • Egg rolls, but maybe using grilled shrimp?
  • Low Country Boil – and yes I would use Crawfish if I can find them locally.
  • I’ve been having issues with my pizza sticking to the stone when making them on the grill. Honestly, a pizza on the grill in the pizza oven is the way to go, but I just need to figure out if my dough is not floured enough or if I need more corn mill on the stone? Point being, I really want to get this recipe right.
  • Cooking more with Beer, especially local craft beer. Where I live, I believe that we have 10 microbreweries, so I would like to make at least 1 dish from each of their selections. I’ve already used 2 already and since one is a national brand, it was easy to get my hands on a special release (see my Peach BBQ Sauce recipe).
  • Pairing more with Beer & Wine for that matter. Learning more about pairings with cheese and more importantly, meals. As I cook more and talk with more chefs, the importance of balancing flavors with both is very important. So as I challenge myself with cooking, this is going to be a important thing that I’m going to be working more on.
  • Plating! This is hard for me. By nature, I’m not a creative person, so this is stretching my thinking and creativity. I’m constantly reading on concepts on this. And since we eat with both our mouth and our eyes, this is something that I need to work on every time that I cook.
  • Patience. Cooking and grilling take patience and practice. How many of us when we first started grilling would flip meat every few minutes? I know that I did. But when I learned more about temperature control and allowing meat to cook longer and flip less.

So as I sip on my 4th cup of coffee and look at the snow covered grills, I get excited for summer. And yes, I do grill year round, but my point is, there are snow days in the summer.