Looks like I have a rainy weekend in store for me, so that is going to make this weeks menu a little challenging. But, I do have a nice canopy over a good portion of the deck and with a little moving of furniture, I should be able to get two of my grills under cover.

The last few weeks, due to schedules, a weekend of birthdays (both my and my son’s), I haven’t been blogging or cooking as much, especially anything really new. And that is really what I want to do more of, try and create or recreate recipes, put my own twist on them. And I really need some grill time.

So, here are a few things that I’m working on for the weekend menu:

  1. Homemade pizza on the Weber Grill – I have been making my own pizza dough for a while and I think that I finally figured out why I was having problems with the dough on the grill. So, going to try again this time making a modification and seeing if that fixes it.
  2. Grilled London Broil – I picked up a 2 lb London Broil at the farmers market last weekend and I have been wanting to try this local producer’s meat and now is the chance. I’ll marinate the London Broil in my buddy’s Bloody Mary mix from Fat and Juicy.
  3. Grilled Hamburgers with Bourbon – I have tried this once before and I’m not going to lie, I really loved the flavor that the Bourbon adds.
  4. Here is the unknown, thinking about maybe either Chicken Parm or seafood? Will have a better idea when I goto the grocery store late tomorrow afternoon.

So even with a rainy weekend, I am really hoping to be able to try some new things to cook and even though some of these recipes I have made several times, I am going to make a few twists to them.