I wish I could grill everyday, but sometimes, I need to branch off and work/try new things. So this weekend, I’m working on my Asian menu and thus far, it sounds pretty tasty.

I love Asian food, so in full disclosure, it has been something that I’ve wanted to try and I have thus far dabbled in it.I have made General Tso Chicken, but this weekend I am going to branch out and make a few other things, but I am going ot take 2 or 3 main ingredients and maximize them and double my dishes.  The focus for this Asian menu will be made up of Chicken, Fish and Shrimp.

For next week, the menu is looking like this:

Grilled Tuna (2 min each side and will be marinated in maybe Soy or Terayki Sauce) and Grilled Mahi-Mahi for fish tacos with an Asian Cabbage and maybe some sliced Mango or Lime juice.

Grilled Shrimp & Chicken for an Asian stir fry.

General Tso Chicken – 2 different ways.

  1. Baked and placed on white rice
  2. Fried and placed on a Bao Bun

The thing that I’m realizing is that the more that I can expand my cooking horizon, the more experience and diverse that I will be come. And it also gives me a chance to expand the food cultures that my children are exposed to and who doesn’t love cooking with a wok?