Weekend Cooking

As I sip on my 2nd cup of coffee this Saturday morning, I am trying to plan out my weekend cooking and I’m hitting a mental road block. I’ve been trying to come up with at least 1 new recipe each week or at least every other and today I am just drawing a blank. Granted, this has been an unusual week with my wife being involved in a serious car accident, but nevertheless, getting into the kitchen or grill time, helps clear my head.

I have a pork roast that I am going to throw in the Sous Vide this morning and I picked up Hamburger and Chicken meat yesterday at the store, but that is it. I could make meatloaf, but that isn’t a traditional summer dish. I know that I’ll grill some chicken for salads for the week. The boys have asked for White Macadamia nut cookies, but what else?

Sure, I can throw a few burgers on the grill today, that is easy and I am sure that I have hot dogs for the kids, but I need a challenge. I need something that will make me stop and think through flavors. I need something that will challenge me, because that is what I need, a challenge. I am fortunate that I have friends that are professional chefs and we bounced a lot of ideas but I am still coming up with nothing.

I really wanted to get some pork shoulders and fire up the smoker this weekend, but we are supposed to get thunderstorms today and that isn’t the best ideal setup for being outside for 8 – 12 hours. I did come up with a quick dish a few weeks ago that I am going to tweak for the boys.

Grilled Corn Succotash:

Grill 4 ears of corn and then take the kernels off the cob
Add corn to a cast iron skillet with 1/4 – 1/2 tsp of butter
Add a diced onion
Add a few pieces of diced bacon
And today, I’m going to add in some cooked Lima Beans

Outside of that, I’m just really at a loss for what to cook? Though I do have to admit, the Grilled corn Succotash will pair up nicely with the pork. So as I continue to sip on my morning coffee and thinking about my weekend cooking, I am still coming up with nothing.


Grilled Pizza

Grilled Pizza

Grilled Pizza

Grilled Pizza on the cutting board.

So I got a lot of requests from friends that saw this on my Instagram feed asking for the recipe. So, I thought that I would share it here as well. This recipe comes from a few different things that I’ve pulled together and played around with and tweaked and adjusted.

Pizza dough
2 3/4 cups Lukewarm water
1 tbs yeast
1 – 1 1/2 tbsp kosher salt
1 tbs sugar
1/4 cup olive oil (I actually use a little less than 1/4 cup & will often times use an infused Olive Oil)
7 cups all purpose flour

– mix the yeast, salt, sugar first
– add olive oil
– add water and let sit for 5 min
– add 4 cups of flour and mix. And the add the rest.
– let rise for 1hour at room temp. Punch the dough down and let rise for 1 hour. Then put in the fridge for 2-4 hours at a minimum. When you are ready to make your pizza pull the dough out and let it sit at room for 30 min, then make a ball with the dough and let it rise for another 30-60 min and I start putting flour on it at at that point too, just so that it isn’t too sticky. Lasts about 10 days.

Pizza sauce
1 28oz whole peeled tomatoes can
1 1/2 tbsp olive oil
1 1/2 tsp salt and pepper
* I add Tabasco and cayenne pepper & a mix of Italian herbs of rosemary, thyme, etc.

Grill time
I heat the grill to 350 first. Then I pull the dough out for 30-60 min. Put a nice amount of flour or dough on the bread. Allow the dough to rise and the start to shape. I put a little olive around the edges of the dough too. But grill each side for 2 min each on aluminum foil. After the 2 min on each side , put the dough directly on the grate and apply a little olive oil on the edges, pizza sauce, cheese, etc. total cook time is 10-12 min. Also, the dough will increase in size, take that into consideration when your planning the size of pizza. I used a Rolling pin to really flatten the pizza, as it will rise on the grill.

I hope that you enjoy this recipe, as this has quickly become a family favorite.


5 Days of Grilling

I have 5 days of grilling coming up and I am beyond exited! Literally, there will be at least 1 or 2 meals prepared on the grill this weekend. I haven’t finalized the menus yet, but they are shaping up though.

Grilled Pizza and hot dogs (we have a friend that LOVES hot dogs).


Taking the kids to their first Major League Baseball game, so I might grill some chicken and vegetables when we return.

Hamburgers and Brats
Homemade French Fries
and for dessert, mixed berries with Mascarpone cheese.

Wings with my Medium hot sauce and a classic BBQ sauce.
Homemade French Fries
and for dessert strawberry shortcake.

5 Days of Grilling is just what I have needed. Grilling for me isn’t just about cooking and being able to tap into my creative side, it gives me a chance to escape life for a little while.


Fathers Day

To all the Dad’s out there, I want to first and foremost wish you a Happy Fathers Day! I know that I’m looking forward to Fathers Day this year.  And now on to the other important thing, food and the menu, so here goes.

I’m playing around with a few things this week and I’ll post the recipes later. But I’m going to start doing a better job of eating breakfast going forward, so I will separate that out first as the rest are interchangeable between Lunch and Dinner.

Breakfast Foods –
Egg Muffins two ways. The first is the usual ground sausage and 9 eggs. The Second is going to be a sauteed mushrooms and spinach and then mixed eggs and cheese. By making two batches, this should be plenty of muffins for the week.

Grilled chicken for both entrees and also salads for lunch.

Blood Orange Vinaigrette for dressing

Grilled vegetables

And for Fathers Day a Low Country Boil with Andouille Sausage, Corn, Shrimp, Onions and Red Potatoes.


Cooking Styles/Asian/Fish/Grilled/Meat/Shrimp

Asian Menu

I wish I could grill everyday, but sometimes, I need to branch off and work/try new things. So this weekend, I’m working on my Asian menu and thus far, it sounds pretty tasty.

I love Asian food, so in full disclosure, it has been something that I’ve wanted to try and I have thus far dabbled in it.I have made General Tso Chicken, but this weekend I am going to branch out and make a few other things, but I am going ot take 2 or 3 main ingredients and maximize them and double my dishes.  The focus for this Asian menu will be made up of Chicken, Fish and Shrimp.

For next week, the menu is looking like this:

Grilled Tuna (2 min each side and will be marinated in maybe Soy or Terayki Sauce) and Grilled Mahi-Mahi for fish tacos with an Asian Cabbage and maybe some sliced Mango or Lime juice.

Grilled Shrimp & Chicken for an Asian stir fry.

General Tso Chicken – 2 different ways.

  1. Baked and placed on white rice
  2. Fried and placed on a Bao Bun

The thing that I’m realizing is that the more that I can expand my cooking horizon, the more experience and diverse that I will be come. And it also gives me a chance to expand the food cultures that my children are exposed to and who doesn’t love cooking with a wok?



Rainy Weekend

Looks like I have a rainy weekend in store for me, so that is going to make this weeks menu a little challenging. But, I do have a nice canopy over a good portion of the deck and with a little moving of furniture, I should be able to get two of my grills under cover.

The last few weeks, due to schedules, a weekend of birthdays (both my and my son’s), I haven’t been blogging or cooking as much, especially anything really new. And that is really what I want to do more of, try and create or recreate recipes, put my own twist on them. And I really need some grill time.

So, here are a few things that I’m working on for the weekend menu:

  1. Homemade pizza on the Weber Grill – I have been making my own pizza dough for a while and I think that I finally figured out why I was having problems with the dough on the grill. So, going to try again this time making a modification and seeing if that fixes it.
  2. Grilled London Broil – I picked up a 2 lb London Broil at the farmers market last weekend and I have been wanting to try this local producer’s meat and now is the chance. I’ll marinate the London Broil in my buddy’s Bloody Mary mix from Fat and Juicy.
  3. Grilled Hamburgers with Bourbon – I have tried this once before and I’m not going to lie, I really loved the flavor that the Bourbon adds.
  4. Here is the unknown, thinking about maybe either Chicken Parm or seafood? Will have a better idea when I goto the grocery store late tomorrow afternoon.

So even with a rainy weekend, I am really hoping to be able to try some new things to cook and even though some of these recipes I have made several times, I am going to make a few twists to them.

Grilled/Meat/Menu/Sous Vide


After a very busy weekend of cooking for family and friends, I’ve decided to go a little more low key this week. This past week we celebrated my birthday, which included me grilling for 15 people. We had 40 – 50 people over on Saturday for my son’s birthday party but fortunately, did not have to cook. And then finally, Easter, which is one of my favorite holidays.

Easter Menu

Orange glazed baked ham with a 3 cheese (Gouda, Cheddar and Gruyere) scalloped potatoes, baked green beans and homemade bread.

My Birthday Dinner
Hamburgers with a mix of sauteed onions, bacon and brats and hotdogs.

This week
Pork Chops in the Sous Vide with a Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, Chardonnay Sea Salt and a meat rub.
Spaghetti with homemade bread.
Left over ham.
Sauteed carrots with a Belgian-style Dubble Ale from Tarboro Brewing Company

Since this weeks menu is a little light, I’ll post photos this over the next few days.


Snow Day!

Happy Snow Day! Well, if you are living in the north east it is a snow day for most.   Woke up to snow covered grills, which is not what I like to see, primarily because it would require me to shove to get to them.

I am several cups of coffee into the morning & started thinking about a few new things to try to cook, as well as planned out my menu for the weekend. One of the things that I did a few months ago was buy the boys, (I have twins) dry erase boards to draw on. Well, that didn’t last long, so they have turned into my menu planning. I really need something larger than 2 8×11 boards, but for today, they work. Normally, I use 1 board for the current weeks menus, as well planning for the next, but last night I used the 2nd board to map out a recipe that I’ve wanted to try, Bananas Foster.

I’ll post the photo later of the boards, as well as more of an overview of the recipes and menu items, but I’m getting to a place where I need to try some things and styles of cooking.  Yes, this blog will still be about grilling (I’m probably getting my 4th grill in a few weeks) and beer, but the two go hand in hand. But I want to try some new recipes out and these are in no particular order or heck even when I’m going to make them:

  • Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad (This is on the upcoming menu).
  • Banana Pudding – Being from the south, this is a must, but I am thinking about some twists for this one.
  • Egg rolls, but maybe using grilled shrimp?
  • Low Country Boil – and yes I would use Crawfish if I can find them locally.
  • I’ve been having issues with my pizza sticking to the stone when making them on the grill. Honestly, a pizza on the grill in the pizza oven is the way to go, but I just need to figure out if my dough is not floured enough or if I need more corn mill on the stone? Point being, I really want to get this recipe right.
  • Cooking more with Beer, especially local craft beer. Where I live, I believe that we have 10 microbreweries, so I would like to make at least 1 dish from each of their selections. I’ve already used 2 already and since one is a national brand, it was easy to get my hands on a special release (see my Peach BBQ Sauce recipe).
  • Pairing more with Beer & Wine for that matter. Learning more about pairings with cheese and more importantly, meals. As I cook more and talk with more chefs, the importance of balancing flavors with both is very important. So as I challenge myself with cooking, this is going to be a important thing that I’m going to be working more on.
  • Plating! This is hard for me. By nature, I’m not a creative person, so this is stretching my thinking and creativity. I’m constantly reading on concepts on this. And since we eat with both our mouth and our eyes, this is something that I need to work on every time that I cook.
  • Patience. Cooking and grilling take patience and practice. How many of us when we first started grilling would flip meat every few minutes? I know that I did. But when I learned more about temperature control and allowing meat to cook longer and flip less.

So as I sip on my 4th cup of coffee and look at the snow covered grills, I get excited for summer. And yes, I do grill year round, but my point is, there are snow days in the summer.


Weekend Cooking

Well, so for starters, this weekend I’ll not be venturing to the grill, not due to weather, but due to minor surgery yesterday.

So all of the weekend cooking will be done inside, which is perfectly fine, as it will give me a chance to rest and try a new recipe of Taco Breakfast Muffins.

Weekend Menu:

Taco Breakfast Muffins
Roasted Vegetables
Homemade Bread

The thing that I like to try to do is when I’m making spaghetti, I like to use additional hamburger meat for other things, like Tacos or Meatloaf or Lasagna and I do that, because I buy so much hamburger at a time. It helps control the menu and also planning out meals. I’ll post the recipe for the Taco Breakfast Muffins later this weekend and photos.



Sometimes, you just have to take a weekend for smoking meat and that is what I’m doing this weekend. It has been a few weeks since I’ve last fired up the smoker, primarily due to schedules, but this weekend it is on.

The current menu, prior to going to the grocery store and butcher is as follows:

  • Pork Butt
  • Several ropes of sausage
  • Chicken Breasts
  • Turkey Breast
  • Ribs

I’ll more than likely space this out of both Saturday and Sunday, as it is going to be sunny, but cold. I’ll use a mixture of both Cherry and Apple wood as well, which has become my go to mix. I normally go roughly 70% apple wood and 30% cherry wood, but maybe I’ll mix that up a little tomorrow?

Photos coming this weekend.